Hip Reads (Blogs)

redseahomeschool.wordpress.com -this is a personal family blog about homeschooling their highly gifted and highly sensitive daughters.

chancetoshine.webs.com- personal blog about homeschooling a gifted child.  Check out the 'homemade materials' section.

graysacademy.blogspot.com -personal gifted family blog. Especially good is the 'Supporting a Passion' post.

lapazfarm.homeschooljournal.net- Has good info on nature studies and nature journals.

patrice-making peace.blogspot.com -personal blog about unschooling a gifted child.

bohemianbowmans.com- this is an unschooling mom's personal blog

ourforeverhouse.blogspot.com -a Tucson homeschooling family's personal blog with lots of great hot weather activities

thehappyhousewife.com -check out the homeschooling section for great ideas and tips

thefrugalgirls.com - this is a cuponing and frugal living site but one with recipes, crafts and a great teacher/homeschooling section.

theprudenthomemaker.com- this is a homeschooling mom's personal blog with a good homeschooling section and free printables.