Legal Info

     Occasionally we hear the question, "Is homeschooling even legal?"  Yes, homeschooling is legal in all 50 states with an estimated 2 million children currently being educated at home nationwide.  According to the Maricopa County Education Service Agency the Arizona educational requirements are listed as such:  'With reference to Arizona Revised Statute (ARS) 15-802, the following is required of children ages 6-16 in Arizona: "Section A. Every child between the ages of six and sixteen years shall attend a school and shall be provided instruction in at least the subjects of reading, grammar, mathematics, social studies and science.  The person who has custody of the child shall choose a public, private, charter or home school as defined in this section to provide instruction."

     A home school is then defined as;

'As prescribed in ARS 15-802, home schooling is defined as: "Section 1. "Home School" means a school conducted primarily by the parent, guardian or other person who has custody of the child or instruction provided in the child's home.'

     You can read a much more detailed and informative document including registration requirements, FAQ's, pertinent forms, contact info etc. at  or call the Maricopa County Education Service Agency at #602-506-3866 (ask to speak to the Homeschool Services representative) or even drop by the office at 4041 N. Central Ave, Suite 1100 in Phoenix.  They are all super nice and will answer all your questions.  You can even request a copy of their 'Homeschool Support' packet, a packet with everything you need to know to homeschool your child in the Maricopa County.